The Rural Experiment

Learning to Live Sustainably, Ten

The idea of eating all organic is terrible in itself when the nutrient needs of the body are not taken care of. For the past two weeks, I had been sick with chronic indigestion. I realized I was eating the best but not consuming a holistic balanced diet. …

Learning to Live Sustainably, Nine

No matter how much we grow, the human mind hides in it the innocence, the kindness, the idiocy and most significant of them all the tendencies to fall into expectation, a self-created pit ahead in time. This blog is about that last pit. …

Learning to Live Sustainably, Day 8

Hiking through the Himalayan jungles

The jungle is very active these days. Fresh greens all around and myriad birds in and out. The streams are running with fresh water, and misty clouds often fogging all around. The spring has done its magic.

It was a clear sky day, at least it looked like a perfect…

Learning to Live Sustainably, Day 7

A thousand kilometers to Delhi, a 6-hour journey to Dehradun, and then another 10-hour drive, that’s how far we live from the Hindu mainland we consider India. Chamoli is closer to China than New Delhi!

When I had first come to this part of the country, it seemed to me…

Learning to Live Sustainably, Day 6

Being conscious of our consumption, I have realized that everything we use in our routine life is packaged in plastic or made of plastic. The toothbrush, the toothpaste, the milk, even worse are the tetra-packed ones, the packet of Good Day, Parle G, Oreo, Bourbon, whichever you prefer, the daily…

Learning to Live Sustainably, Day 5

We did good research on Solid Waste Management when we had first arrived in Chamoli. Pushpender Rawat, a localite, a mindful tourist guide, a nature lover in true sense had introduced us to the chaotic world of waste. Chaotic because the problem with waste is it is unorganized. …

Learning to Live Sustainably, Day 4

Anushya and I decided to leave the millennial city of Gurugram, a city that sinks under the monsoon rain!!

We were in search of a place with a culture of its own, a society where our contributions mattered, an environment allowing work-life balance, a place to call home.

On the streets of New Tehri

Amidst weeks…

Learning to Live Sustainably, Day 3

We spent most of the day, today, on our farm. It's been a little more than 2 months that we started farming.

The first week, we cut the weed from the roots, ploughed and toiled the soil over and over again, on one patch…

Day 1- What’s on your plate?

We have been eating organic, mostly, except for the bananas and papaya and onion. We are buying our food from the local market. A very friendly fat-bellied Nepali fellow procures vegetables from the villages nearby. All the fresh green leafy veggies- spinach, rye, amaranth, leaves of radish, dhaniya, methi, and…


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